Save — With Residential Time-Of-Use!

Our Time-Of-Use (TOU) program will encourage residential customers to reduce electricity use during peak hours. Under the program, you will be charged for electricity depending on when you use it. The rates are lowest on off-peak periods, when usage and the cost of electricity are low. Rates are higher during other periods, when usage and the cost of generating electricity are much higher.

Time-Of-Use Rate effective April 1, 2018

Energy-conscious customers can save money if you use electricity during off-peak periods when costs are lower.  During the past year, 56 REMC members used the rate in a pilot program.  Here is what some of them said about the program: “The TOU program has made us much more aware of our energy use and provides the opportunity for significant savings by simply changing our habits.” “The TOU program made us more aware of how we use energy and I think that’s always a good thing–not only for our budget, but for REMC as a whole.” “Thank you for the ability to allow us to save!”

What you can do to save!
Use automatic timers to avoid running appliances such as water heaters, pool pumps, hot tubs, de-humidifiers, etc. during peak times.
 Install a programmable thermostat(s) to automatically adjust the temperature during peak times. Install a programmable thermostat(s) to automatically adjust the temperature during peak times.
Plug computers, printers and televisions into power strips and turn off at the switch when not in use.
Wash and dry clothes off-peak
Avoid running the dishwasher during peak times. Remember not to start it close to a peak time as well.
Move oven use to off peak hours.

To learn more about this service, call Bartholomew County REMC at 372-2546, or e-mail us at 
 for further details.  To enroll in the program, fill out the Sign-Up Form below.

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