Tree Safety

Tree that has fallen on a power lineElectric distribution lines are not insulated! If you have trees, limbs, vines or brush growing into or close to power lines, contact us.

Tree Safety Tips

  • Always look for power lines when working outdoors – Coming into contact with energized equipment can hurt or kill you
  • Stay away from power lines when using aluminum ladders, tree trimming, and harvest equipment or tools that extend above the head
  • Trees, branches, vines, and brush are electricity conductors – Electrical shock can occur via indirect contact when trees grow close to power lines
  • When planting trees, follow the Tree Planting Guide to plant the appropriate tree at the correct distance from poles or energized equipment
  • Treat all types of electrical lines and utility equipment as energized and avoid direct and indirect contact
  • It is common for trees to fall during windy and stormy conditions – If a tree or branch falls into power lines or other energized equipment, stay away from the tree and energized equipment
  • Do not attempt to touch or remove the tree – Contact us immediately