Right-of-Ways Spraying

During last summer/fall contractors are hired to spray areas that were trimmed the previous year. The contractors used are fully licensed and certified to do this work by the Indiana State Chemist. The herbicides used have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are registered with both state and federal agencies. Our spraying technique is done with backpacks and 4-wheelers. This is a more targeted method of spraying to prevent any overspray, unnecessary spraying and reduces the amount of herbicide used.

The areas targeted are non-maintained fence rows and rural area roadsides in our easements that have not been mowed or maintained. Areas within subdivisions will not be sprayed, however, the paths and roads leading into the subdivision may be sprayed at the discretion of the REMC.

If you do not want your property sprayed, or there is something you want us to avoid in the right-of-way, you must fill out a no spray agreement available at the below link. A signed agreement must be in the REMC office by June 1 of the spray year to be exempt from spraying. By enrolling in this program, the landowner will agree to take responsibility for the maintenance of the no spray areas. See the full spraying rule for more details.

Spraying Rule (PDF)