GenerLink Generator Security

  • GenerLink is one energy solution that is truly engineered to provide customers peace of mind
  • Allows homeowners to change the appliances they operate simply by switching the breakers on their household circuit panel
  • With its 8.5-kilowatt (kW) capacity, GenerLink can easily meet your basic emergency power needs
  • Ensures the safety of your line crews by disconnecting the customer from the power grid when the customer’s generator is in operation

Designed for Safety & Convenience

  • Generlink was designed for complete safety, convenience, and flexibility
  • GenerLink’s collar design makes it perfect for quick and easy installation
  • The collar easily plugs into a standard residential meter socket while an interconnection cable allows for easy connection with the generator


  • Bartholomew County REMC linemen will perform all the installation work
  • Installation usually takes less than 30 minutes
  • Once installed, you can immediately plug your generator into the GenerLink receptacle and you are ready


  • There is no transfer switch or other wiring changes to be made which can cost well into the thousands of dollars
  • The cost of a GenerLink switch starts at $700 plus tax with a $45 installation charge
  • The product has a 7 year warranty and comes with a 20 foot cord – Longer cords are available at time of purchase for an additional charge plus sales tax:
    • 40 foot cord – $135
    • 60 foot cord – $225
    • 80 foot cord – $265
    • 100 foot cord – $305
    • Purchase of an additional stand alone cord add 30% to above prices.
  • The GenerLink is also available with a built in surge protection for wired in appliances for an additional $75
    • This surge has a maximum coverage of $1,000 per appliance, $10,000 per claim
    • Surge protection only covers “White Goods Appliances” defined as a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, freezer, HVAC unit, dish-washer or garbage disposal
    • Coverage is secondary to any applicable product warranties, service contracts and insurance policies


See if your generator is compatible by looking at the link below. If your generator receptacles are GFCI protected, the GenerLink will not work.

When ordering, we will need to know what connection your generator has…

Types of Generlink locking: L14-20 locking, L14-30 locking, and L14-50 straight

At times, there is a 4 to 5 week backorder on this product.

More Information

For more information read the GenerLink Information and FAQs (PDF)

To learn more about this service, call Bartholomew County REMC at (812) 372-2546, use our GenerLink Order Form (PDF), or email us for further details.