Report an Outage

Before Reporting Your Outage

Check your home’s fuses and breakers

If power is not restored, the issue may be with our system

Check your meter

If there is a digital reading on the face, the outage issue is at your home, not with our system

Check with your neighbors

If it appears they are also out of power, the problem is most likely with our system

Reporting Your Outage

Despite operating a functional automated meter reading system, all outages should still be reported to the office at (800) 927-5672 or through our SmartHub app.

Have the service address and account number ready for quick and accurate reporting.

Once you have reported your outage, please be patient.

Our Call Center

Our call center handles all after-hours calls

Our call center can also handle other issues, including billing inquiries and payment

Outages will be relayed to standby outage crews

Please note, you may be charged for callout on disconnected services for non-emergencies after business hours

While we are committed to providing you with the highest level of reliability and satisfaction, you may experience occasional interruptions in your electrical service.

What Causes Outages?

Most outages are caused by: