$45 Refund Coming Your Way

As a local cooperative, we are here for our members, and that is especially important during these challenging times. Our mission is to enrich the well-being of our membership and community, and we remain dedicated to you during this unprecedented pandemic.

Responding to the current crisis, the Bartholomew County REMC board of directors voted to lower the membership fee from $50 to $5 and give a one-time $45 refund on your May bill. This will return over $450,000 to our members when it's needed most. This COVID-19 Member Refund is applicable for each member. If you have multiple accounts in the same name, you will receive one $45 refund.

We will continue to explore ways to help our members in the coming weeks and months. As always, Bartholomew County REMC is here for you. We are pleased to provide this relief to our members during this difficult time.