Does it cost anything to sign-up for TOU rates?

Switching to the TOU rate is easy and free of charge. However, you may want to purchase products that allow you to automatically reduce usage during peak times such as timers and a programmable thermostat.

What’s the difference between TOU rates and standard rates?

Time-of-use rates are significantly lower than standard electric rates during off-peak hours. However, when a TOU customer uses electricity during peak hours, they are charged a rate higher than standard electric rates. This reflects the true cost of power when it is being used.

Could I end up paying more on this rate?

This rate is designed to come out the same as the standard rate if you do nothing to change your usage. However, there is a lot of opportunity to save. To save money on this rate, you will most likely be required to make adjustments in your daily electricity use during peak times. Making some small changes will increase your savings.

What are the peak times?
  • Summer Period (June, July, August) On-Peak: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Off-peak: All other times including weekends and holidays*.
  • Winter Period (December, January, February) On-Peak: 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Off peak: All other times including weekends and holidays*. *Off peak Holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day.
What kind of savings might I expect from TOU?

The dollar amount that you may potentially save varies among members. The more electricity you shift to off-peak times, the more money you save. A group of 56 members have already tried out this rate for a year.

The average reported savings over the standard rate during the pilot program were:

  • Electric heated homes: 10% savings
  • Gas heated homes: 7% savings
  • Geothermal heated homes: 11% savings.

The TOU rate was designed to offer savings to members that use 75% or more of their total electricity usage off peak.

How does it work?

Since our AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) logs hourly electricity use, your bill will show two different rates. One for off-peak kwh used and one for on-peak kwh used. The combined total will be your energy charge amount. The more usage your shift to off-peak periods, the lower your energy bill.

Why is BCREMC offering a TOU rate?

The rates provide you with a choice to lower your electricity costs without reducing the total amount of electricity you use. By shifting electricity usage off-peak, we can avoid the need to purchase high priced power from other sources and also prevent the need for additional power plants. Off-peak usage allows our current facilities to operate more efficiently and economically, further reducing the cost of electricity that we can pass onto our members.

What are Time-of-Use (TOU) rates?

Our TOU rate is based on the time of day you use electricity and out cost of supplying electricity to you during that time. If you use electricity when the total electric used by our members is low (off-peak) your rate will be lower that the standard rate. On-peak hours, or electricity used during periods of high demand, will cost more than the standard rate.