Schedule REC- Renewable Energy Credits

Optional Renewal Energy Rider to LP, IPS and EDR-4


This rider is available to consumers who meet the requirements of the LP, IPS and EDR-4 Schedules. This rate is for the option to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (REC) for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, as a number of businesses have expressed an interest in the availability of renewable energy or Green Power. RECs will be offered in blocks of 1,000 kWh per month and commitments to purchase must be made for the calendar year, beginning January 1. Bartholomew County REMC reserves the right to limit the total number of participants under this rider when its renewable sources have been sold or reserved.

Renewable Resources

Renewable Energy Credits (or RECs) will be purchased and retired on behalf of consumers who choose to purchase the product. If consumer places any requirements on the RECs, such as location from which they are sourced, and these requirements increase the cost of the RECs to REMC, consumer shall pay the difference between the standard cost of the REC and the increased cost.


In addition to the total charges determined under the concurrent rate schedule applicable to the consumer, a charge for each REC block will be applied on a monthly basis. Rate is subject to change annually. The number of RECs purchased will be rounded up to the nearest whole REC value based upon consumer’s kWh usage.

Terms of Agreement

Consumers will enter into a yearly agreement with Bartholomew County REMC for the number of REC blocks of 1,000 kWh purchased per month.. This agreement is a requirement of participation in the program. The agreement must be executed by December 31 of the current year for participation in the coming year’s program. Consumers may purchase up to 100% of their expected yearly needs, with a minimum participation level of 1,000 kWh per month. The additional price of the REC blocks will be in addition to the current energy costs pursuant to each individual Rate Schedule. Prices and purchase commitments are subject to change on an annual basis. Consumers who opt to purchase in one calendar year are not obligated in any future calendar years, and may change purchase quantities on an annual basis. RECs purchased through the program cannot be resold and shall be retired on an annual basis for the consumer.

Terms of Payment

This rider is subject to payment options and terms of payment as set forth on the concurrent rate Schedules “IPS”, “LP” and “EDR-4” that qualifies the consumer for service under this rider.

Other Terms & Conditions

Except as stated in this rider, all terms and conditions of service as set for the concurrent rate that qualified the consumer for the renewable energy program shall apply to service provided under this rider.

Approved by Board of Directors on February 24, 2023

For Effective Date of March 1, 2023