Schedule RE- Optional Renewable Energy Rider


This rider is available to consumers with less than 25 kW monthly demand taking service under Schedule “A” Residential and Farm Service. This rate is for the purchase of energy for renewable resources (predominantly landfill methane gas generation) and for the support of qualified environmental organizations. Consumers requesting service under this optional rider must remain on the rider for a minimum of twelve months. Bartholomew County REMC reserves the right to limit the total number of participants under this rider when its renewable sources have been sold or reserved.

Renewable Resources

Energy sold to this rider is generated using renewable resources. These resources are expected to be continuously available except for reasonable periods allowing for normal maintenance of generation equipment. If the cooperative becomes aware that the renewable sources available to it will be, for any reason, insufficient to furnish at least 50% of the total consumer purchases hereunder for more than three months, the cooperative shall suspend application of this rider. When the renewable sources again become available, the cooperative will resume application.

Contributions to Qualified Environmental Programs

The cooperative will donate the net revenues generated by application of this rider to the qualified organizations. These organizations must engage in:

  • Research and development of renewable resources,
  • Environmental education, or
  • Other activities or programs for which the purpose is consistent with protecting the environment.

These organizations may be local or national, but must be not-for-profit. Preference shall be given to qualified organizations who are either located within the cooperative’s service territory or whose activities directly benefit the cooperative’s locale. The cooperative shall assign responsibility for approving qualified organizations and distributing the net proceeds of this rider to an advisory board that includes at least one consumer of the cooperative.

The cooperative may retain up to twenty-five percent of the revenues generated by application of this rider to recover the cost of developing, implementing, administering and promoting the renewable energy program. Each calendar year, the cooperative shall prepare a report summarizing the total proceeds of the optional renewal energy rider and the disposition of those net proceeds.


In addition to the total charges determined under the concurrent rate schedule applicable to the consumer, the following charge shall be applied

Monthly Rate

  • First 1,000 kWh or less per month (In blocks of 1,000 kilowatt hours)*: $0.019 per kWh
  • Over 1,000 kWh per month: No additional charge

Terms of Payment

This rider is subject to payment options and terms of payment as set forth on the concurrent rate Schedule “A” that qualifies the consumer for service under this rider.

Other Terms & Conditions

Except as stated in this rider, all terms and conditions of service as set for the concurrent rate that qualified the consumer for the renewable energy program shall apply to service provided under this rider.

*The additional charge for renewable energy kilowatt hours is charged in blocks of 100 kilowatt hours at the rate of $0.019 per kilowatt hour. (i.e., if 555 kilowatt hours are used by that consumer that month, then 500 kilowatt hours will be charged at the additional rate, and the additional 55 kilowatt hours will have no additional charge above normal energy rate.)

Approved March 1, 2018 by the board of directors for effective date April 1, 2018.