Optional Residential and Farm Service- Time-Of-Use

Monthly Service Fee

  • $35 per month

All kWh per Month

  • June, July, August ( on peak: 4 to 7 p.m.):  $0.37089 per kWh
  • December, January, February (on peak: 7 to 9 a.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.): $0.26049 per kWh
  • September, October, November, March, April & May and all off peak times and holidays:  $0.0.08469 per kWh
  • Tracking clause applicable to all kWh: Determined quarterly

Residential Time-Of-Use Service


Available in all territory served by the Corporation, subject to the established Service Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.


Applicable to any consumer of the Corporation located on its lines for general residential electric service that can be adequately served from one transformer including power for motors not to exceed 10 horsepower in use at any one time. Horsepower in excess of 10 h.p. shall be subject to the approval of the Corporation.

Type of Service

The type of service rendered under this schedule will be alternating current, 60 hertz, single phase, secondary voltage, of approximately 120 volts, 2 wire, or 120/240 volts, 3 wire.

In case three-phase service is required, Schedule B or Schedule LP will apply.

Monthly Rate

Electric Grid Connection Fee

  • $35 per month

kWh per Summer Months (June, July, August)

  • $0.37089 per kWh

kWh per Winter Months (December, January, February)

  • $0.26049 per kwh

kWh per Off Peak Months (September, October, November, March, April, May) Weekends & Holidays:

  • $ 0.08469 per kwh

Tracking Clause Applicable to all kWh

Minimum Monthly Charges

The minimum monthly charge under the above rate shall be $35 plus applicable taxes.

Energy On Peak

For the months of June through August, excluding Independence Day, on-peak energy shall be all Kilowatt-hours used during the period 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Monday through Friday, EST, daily. For the months of December through February, Excluding Christmas and New Year’s Day, on-peak energy shall be all kilowatt-hours used during the periods 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. – Monday through Friday, EST daily.

Late Payment Charge

The above rates are net. In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within 17 days from the date of the bill, a late payment charge of 5% of the net billing will be accessed. When the 17th day falls on Saturday, Sunday, or any other observed holiday, the 1st business day thereafter shall be deemed the 17th day.

Condition of Service

All wiring, poles, lines and other electrical equipment beyond the metering point, shall be considered the distribution system of the consumer and shall be furnished and maintained by the consumer. Specific information is provided in the Corporation’s Service Rules and Regulations.

Interpretation or Application of Schedule

The interpretation of, or the application by, the Corporation, or by any consumer of all rates, rules and regulations included in this tariff, shall be subject to review by the Corporation’s board of directors.

Rate Adjustment

The above rates are subject to a Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Tracking Factor. The Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Tracking Factor stated in Appendix A, Sheet No. 1 is applicable hereto and is issued and effective at the dates shown in Appendix A.

Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause

The above rates are subject to a fuel adjustment clause as defined in Appendix A.

Approved March 1, 2018 by the board of directors for effective date April 1, 2018.