Net Billing Rate Schedule A and Distributed Generation Interconnection Standard

Application for Interconnection (PDF)

Interconnection Agreement (PDF)

Declaration of Coverage (PDF)

Net Billing Brochure (PDF) 


This Rate Schedule is available to any Member of Bartholomew County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (the “Cooperative”) that is currently being billed under the Residential Electric Service Rate who has a qualified distributed generation system (“DG System”) of not more than 50 kW and who desire to interconnect such DG System with the Cooperative’s distribution system.

In order to qualify for this Rate Schedule, the Member must meet the DG System Requirements and Interconnection Requirements specified below. Total participation under this Rate Schedule is limited, on a first come first serve basis, to those residential Members of the Cooperative applying for this rate whose aggregate DG Systems name-plate rating is equal to or less than 0.1% of the Cooperative’s most recent peak load.

Metering & Billing

The Cooperative will utilize a net-billing process for all eligible DG Systems which are interconnected with the Cooperative’s distribution system. The Cooperative will provide (at the customer’s expense) and maintain (at the customer’s expense) all metering equipment necessary to implement net-billing. Under the net-billing process, the Cooperative will calculate on a monthly basis the charges due from the Member for all electric service provided by the Cooperative to the Member under the Net Billing Rate Schedule. The Cooperative will net against the amount due from the Member, an amount based on the electric service generated by the Member’s DG System and provided to the Cooperative based on the Credits contained hereinafter. If the Credits for the electric service generated by the Member that is provided to the Cooperative are less than the charges for the electric services the Cooperative provided to the Member, the Member will pay the Cooperative the net difference. If the Credits for the electric service generated by the Member that are provided to the Cooperative are greater than the charges for the electric services the Cooperative provided to the Member, the Member will receive a credit that can be used to reduce payments in future billing periods. If the Member discontinues operation of the DG System, any remaining credits will revert to the Member. In either case, the Member shall remain responsible for all applicable billed charges, including Member charges and demand charges.

Character of Service

Service under this schedule shall be alternating current, 60 Hertz, single phase at voltage of approximately 120/240 volts three wire, or other voltage as might be mutually agreed upon.

Monthly Rate

  • Electric Grid Connection Fee: $35 per month
  • All kWh per month: $0.10942 per kWh

Hoosier Energy's Energy Tracker (which will be recalculated quarterly)

  • All energy credit for energy supplied by customer ("Credits"): $0.04021 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge under the above rate shall be the Electric Grid Connection Fee.

Terms & Condition of Service

  1. Service shall be provided based upon the Cooperative’s rules and regulations on file at the Cooperative office as the same may be amended from time to time.
  2. All single-phase motors or apparatuses with an inrush current in excess of 250 amps at 240 volts shall require Cooperative approval.
  3. Service under this schedule shall be limited to one meter for the same Member at the same location where the service can be adequately supplied from a single service. In the case of cogeneration, net metering or an additional meter may be necessary. The cost of the upgrade or second meter shall be at the expense of the Member and ownership will be by the Cooperative.

Rate Adjustment

For purposes of calculating the customer’s energy credit (Credits shown above) pursuant to this rate schedule, customer will be credited at an avoided cost rate for energy exported to the grid.

DG System Requirements

The Member’s DG System must meet the following requirements:

  1. The nameplate rating of Member’s DG System must not greater than 50 kW.
  2. The DG System must be owned and operated by the Member and must be located on the Member’s premises;
  3. The Member’s DG System must be intended primarily to offset part or all of the Member’s requirements for electricity;
  4. The DG System must operate in parallel with the Cooperative’s distribution facilities; and
  5. The DG System must satisfy the Cooperative’s Interconnection Standards as the same may be amended from time to time.

Interconnection Requirements; Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. The Member shall make such application and enter into such interconnection agreements as the Cooperative shall require from time to time.
  2. Any characteristic of the Member’s DG System or interconnection facilities that degrades or otherwise compromises the quality of service provided by the Cooperative to other Members will not be permitted.
  3. The Member shall agree that the Cooperative shall at all times have immediate access to the Member’s metering, control, and protective equipment.
  4. The Member shall install, operate and maintain the DG System and interconnection facilities in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggested practices for safe, efficient and reliable operation in parallel with the Cooperative’s system.
  5. The Cooperative may, at its own discretion, isolate any DG System if the Cooperative has reason to believe that continued interconnection creates or contributes to a system emergency.
  6. A disconnecting device must be located at the point of common coupling for all interconnections. The disconnecting device must be accessible to Cooperative personnel at all times and be suitable for use by the Cooperative as a protective tagging location. The disconnecting device shall have a visible open gap when in the open position and be capable of being locked in the open position. The cost and maintenance of the main disconnect switch shall reside with the Member.
  7. The Cooperative reserves the right to have a representative present during compliance testing at the time of installation and maintenance testing of the interconnection system for compliance with these conditions of service.
  8. The Member is responsible for establishing a program for and performing annual periodic scheduled maintenance on the Member’s DG System and interconnection facilities (relays, interrupting devices, control schemes and batteries that involve the protection of the Cooperative’s distribution system). A periodic maintenance program is to be established in accordance with the requirements of IEEE 1547. The Cooperative may examine copies of the periodic test reports or inspection logs associated with the periodic maintenance program. Upon the Cooperative’s request, the Cooperative shall be informed of the next scheduled maintenance and be able to witness the maintenance performed and any associated testing.
  9. The interconnection system hardware and software design requirements must be intended to assure protection of the Cooperative’s distribution system. Any additional hardware and software necessary to protect the Cooperative’s distribution system and equipment is solely the responsibility of Member to determine, design, acquire and install.
  10. The Member shall agree that the Cooperative shall not be liable for any damage to or breakdown of the Member’s equipment operated in parallel with the Cooperative’s electric system.
  11. The Member shall agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Cooperative from any and all claims for injury to persons or damage to property due to or in any way connected with the operation of Member-owned equipment and/or generators.
  12. Any DG System used by a Member pursuant to the Rate shall meet all applicable safety and performance standards established by the National Electric Code, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Underwriters Laboratories, including, but not limited to IEEE 1547. The Cooperative shall have right to require additional safety features at the cost of the Member.
  13. The Member must obtain, at his or her expense, all necessary inspections and approvals required by codes prior to being authorized by the Cooperative to connect the Member’s DG System to the Cooperative’s distribution system. The Member will supply the Cooperative with certification that DG System has received all necessary code approvals and that it meets, or exceeds, all applicable safety and performance standards.
  14. The Member’s DG System when operated in parallel with the Cooperative’s system must be designed and capable of immediately and automatically ceasing interconnected operation during any outages on the Cooperative’s system and during other emergency or abnormal conditions as specified by applicable codes and standards. The Member must cease parallel operation of its DG System immediately upon notification by the Cooperative if such operation is deemed unsafe or interferes with the supply of service to others, or interferes with system operation or maintenance. The Cooperative accepts no responsibility for damage or injury to any person or property caused by the failure of the Member to operate in compliance with the Cooperative’s or any other requirements.
  15. Failure of the Member to comply with any of these requirements shall result in disconnection of service to the Member from the Cooperative’s system. The Cooperative will be under no obligation to reconnect the Member until the Member’s DG System either complies with the requirements or is permanently disconnected from any parallel operation with Cooperative’s system.

System Modifications

If it is necessary for the Cooperative to modify portions of its existing system to provide larger capacity facilities or metering to accommodate the purchase of electricity from the Member pursuant hereto, the Member will be responsible for the entire cost of said upgrades. Should system modification be necessary, the Cooperative, at the Member’s expense, shall perform all work on the Cooperative’s side of the meter.


The interpretation of, or the application by Cooperative of, all rates, rules and regulations included in its tariff or adopted by the Cooperative shall be subject to review and interpretation by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative.

Approved Oct. 26, 2021 by the board of directors for effective date January 1, 2022.