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Grant Opportunity


The Bartholomew REMC Membership Community Trust Inc., is able to provide grants through our Operation RoundUp program where members allow us to round up their electric bills to the nearest dollar.  Those pennies are then put into a special account to later be awarded by the Operation RoundUp Board.  The board reviews requests received during the application acceptance period and awards the funds to selected participants at its quarterly meetings. 


Application deadlines for 2014 are by noon at the REMC office, on March 3, June 2, Sept. 2 and December 1.  Applications for organizations and individuals are available below for download.


Please review the application guidelines for further instruction.


Submission of seven copies, plus the original of the entire application is required (8 total).  This grant will NOT fund, organizations with a religious affiliation, computer software/hardware, websites or labor/salaries.  The trust likes to fund tangible items with a long life span.  For a complete listing please see the Application Guidelines below.




Individual/Family Application

Organization Application

Application Guidelines, please read before applying!


2012 Annual Report




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