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REMC offers Green Power option

EnviroWatts Registration Form


Bartholomew County REMC has always been committed to the communities we serve and to the environment that we all share.


That commitment is further strengthened with the introduction of EnviroWatts, a renewable energy or “Green Power” option, which is now available to our consumers. See Schedule RE.


 You may be familiar with the term “Green Power,” which refers to electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, geothermal, hydropower and the capture of methane gas from sanitary landfills, often referred to as biomass.


Through the EnviroWatts program, Bartholomew County REMC and power supplier Hoosier Energy have secured a block of renewable energy, produced from methane, gas-fired generators at an Indiana landfill.


Bartholomew County REMC consumers who want to have a role in the use of renewable energy may participate in EnviroWatts by paying a premium for Green Power on a portion of their monthly electric bills.


The cost for EnviroWatts power is an extra two cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) above the normal charge. Customers may purchase EnviroWatts in blocks of 100 kWhs, up to 1,000 kWhs per month. The extra cost would be $2 per 100 kWhs. A customer using 200 kWhs would pay an extra $4 on their bill while those using 500 kWhs would pay $10, etc.


Revenue collected through EnviroWatts will cover the energy and administrative costs of the renewable energy program. As well, a portion of margins above those costs will be designated to benefit a local or state environmental project.


“Consumers are concerned about the environment and many have inquired about a way to further support renewable sources of energy,” said Dan Arnholt, Bartholomew County REMC General Manager/CEO. “The EnviroWatts program is a way of meeting the needs of those consumers who want a choice in how their energy is produced.”


“Buying just one block of EnviroWatts has the same environmental value as taking a family car off the road for three months,” Arnholt noted. “For most homes, it only costs a few extra dollars each month.


“Bartholomew County REMC and Hoosier Energy have a commitment to be environmentally responsible,” Arnholt added. “Hoosier Energy operates some of the cleanest power plants in the Midwest and just recently completed another project to reduce emissions. Electric cooperatives have been on the leading edge of environmentally responsible power.” 


For more information on the EnviroWatts program, call Bartholomew County REMC at 372-2546 or fax the registration form to 372-2112.


EnviroWatts Registration Form




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Green Power

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